This week on Inside Africa, CNN International heads to Lagos to meet some of the high profile and highly paid personalities that have emerged with the rise of social media. This tech savvy generation have embraced social media, which has provided opportunities for women in business like never before.


The programme meets Linda Ikeji, one of Nigeria’s biggest social media stars, to learn more about her journey to success. After starting her blog more than ten years ago, she says her success came from her determination and enthusiasm:

One of the things that drives a business to succeed is passion. It’s not about money. I’ve made money – I could move on and do some other things or leave it to my people but I’m extremely passionate about what I do and it gives me so much joy.

Ikeji’s achievements have provided her with sufficient funds to start her own businesses – including owning a TV station –  which are growing rapidly.  She tells CNN how she wants to continue succeeding and hopes to inspire others:

I feel like I’m still climbing the ladder of success. There’s still so much I want to do… I’m hoping that my story, my life can inspire other young girls to fight for their dreams, work hard, believe in themselves, believe that there’s absolutely nothing that they cannot become…I’m hoping that my life can encourage other young girls to go out there and do the impossible, the things that people think can never happen.

Being a role model is something that’s also important to Linda Ikeji who wants to make sure she creates a legacy:

I want my life to be impactful…. I have to do something that will impact the society, impact my community, impact the world. I want people to know that I was here.

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