This title breaks my heart a little… So in the words of Gay activist Bisi Alimi, read what he had to say about this.

So this morning I got an email from @gtbank about their fashion week event in Lagos and there on the invited list is the famous most loved @miss_jalexanderwho will be going to #Nigeria to give a talk on modelling.
I love Ms Jay as he calls himself and watching him has given me a lot of self confidence in my own attempt at modelling, @msposhp learnt a lot from Ms Jay and I am also happy he will be going to Nigeria my country of birth.

However what saddens me but gives me reason to laugh is the hypocrisy of Nigerians. Okay let’s get this right, Ms Jay has an alternative sexual orientation, he is openly gay, and I do agree this has no impact on his work but he lives freely and openly as gay and has the opportunity to reach his potentials in life. Can an average homophobic nigeria that will attend Ms Jay’s class look in the mirror and honestly say they will be happy to attend same class by an openly Nigerian gay man? Can GT Bank honestly say they will allow an openly gay Nigerian man like me give a talk on social development to their staff? I am sure we all know the answer unless our hypocrisy sinks so much we are so used to it we can smell it. I am writing this and very sad. Sad that we rush to roll out red carpet to other people’s homosexuals while we rush to get tyre and petrol to set ours ablaze. I just can’t deal, honestly I can’t. .


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