While many Nigerians and indeed Africans seem to have lost hope in the black continent, especially because of its leadership crises, poor governance, corruption and lack of will to translate its potentials to full use, it is becoming increasingly clear that a new breed is in town. Those who despite the current challenges are willing to rise from the ashes of the black race to become Innovators of the future, Victor Prince Dickson is one of such but this time around, the inventor of Kommon Sense Masters and the Founder of Micro-Reality Thinking Academy is not alone. He is joining forces with other great minds in what is expected to be the most stimulating gathering of Innovators in Abuja from the 21st – 24th of November 2017.

Hear Victor speak

“The problem with the black man is that we consistently put the cart before the horse by refusing to invest in Thinking before anything else. As a pro-African stimulation platform, the focus of Thinking School Africa is to change the narrative. In a recent chat with Mr. Kingsley Bangwell (C.E.O Young Stars Foundation) and also the convener of Thinking School Africa, he made me understand that his target is to move Africans from “WHAT IF’S TO WHAT IS”.

For me, if we have to achieve this, then we have to leap frog, and to leap frog we must acquire and accelerate our capacity to think and not only think but to think in 4D: Critical, Creative, Strategic and Design Thinking. As a matter of urgency we must learn to evolve data into information and information into knowledge and then knowledge into innovations. It is only through this process that we can begin to design effective systems, collapse outdated models and integrate solutions, especially within the context of knowledge economy, global convergence and global competitiveness.

This is why I am going to Thinking School Africa with two of our Thinking Tools and Models. The Law of Spatial Navigation and the Law of Innovation, all within The Future Quadrant Master Plan, I will be joining other fantastic and proven innovators from across the world to spark off a new narrative. I hope you will be smart enough to join us”

Please follow the link to register for Thinking School Africa.   http://youngstarsfoundation.org/thinkingschool/

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