Prophet Samuel Abiara has said corruption is everywhere and would not end in Nigeria until Jesus Christ returns the second time.

Key excerpts (interview with Punch):

  • When asked if the Buhari-led administration is the worst civilian government since 1999, he said, “No, I don’t share that view. One cannot satisfy the world. Even if God gives rain, some people will say it is too much likewise if He makes the weather sunny. God appointed the people in power. We should know that Rome was not built in a day. Before they got into power, things weren’t too good and they were expected to correct them in a hurry; in a day. I am not a politician. I am neither a member of the Peoples Democratic Party nor of the All Progressives Congress. We support any government in power. I appeal to Nigerians to be patient with them.”
  • For the role of religious leaders, “We play a huge role as religious leaders in the development of the country. Prayer sustains Nigeria. It was God’s divine power that helped the President to go on a medical trip and return. He is God-fearing and wants the best for this country. But you know that some people can surround someone and not allow him to succeed. That is why we have to continue to pray for him. I call on all religious leaders that we should be in unison in contributing our quota to move the country forward.”
  • What the government should be doing, “They should create employment for youth. There should be massive jobs to engage the youth massively because idle hands are the devil’s workshop. I also want to appeal to the Niger Delta militants to stop destroying oil installations. The government should also enter into dialogue with them.”
  • For the anti-graft war, “There is no way corruption will end in Nigeria before Jesus Christ comes. There is corruption everywhere. It is just that the way each country does theirs is different. But it seems the issue of graft in Nigeria is indescribable. It is disheartening the amount of money people steal in Nigeria. They stole so much and keep them in bizarre places. Why do they do this knowing that one cannot live forever? I have come to realise that looters are only rich compared to wealthy people.”
  • “The difference between the two is that those who steal public funds are only rich. They steal for their greed and self alone. But wealthy people work hard for their money. They work so hard to empower people by establishing firms where many works. They are conscious that they have to leave legacies long after their death. For example, Alhaji Aliko Dangote belongs to the group of the wealthy. He empowers many and establishes companies so many can earn a living. My advice to the greedy ones among us is that they should strive to do work that will speak well for them after death.”
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