Despite its many challenges, Jos still remains home to the best creative minds in the world. Most people seem not to know that creativity in and from Jos goes beyond music, film and comedy. This can also be seen in Technology, Business and Education. One of such great minds is Victor Prince Dickson.

In 2014 Victor Dickson invented the Kommon Sense Cards, which is gradually becoming a preferred model (game) for strategic learning and education.

A year later Prince founded the Micro-Reality Thinking Academy: a Human Intelligence Hub with six Thinking models/ tools design to build capacity for corporate executive, business, leaders and entrepreneurs. The Thinking Academy has since gain prominence globally and is listed among leading thinking methods Micro-Reality Thinking Academy has trained about 200 corporate executives, start ups, entrepreneurs and career professionals in critical, creative and strategic thinking using simulation and applied imagination.

Official Premier of The Future Quadrant

Today we announce to you yet another creation by Victor Prince Dickson known as The Future Quadrant (TFQ). According to Victor

“The Future Quadrant is every navigators delight. Like a compass TFQ is guaranteed to guide you across complex curves, dynamic challenges, system design and disruption, ideological complexities and competitiveness. That is why we say at tfq: The future now has a compass. The Future Quadrant also expresses and guides you on how to harvest digitization and deploy technology for optimal efficiency.

The power of tfq is that it measures and scale growth and progress. In tfq, we apply critical, creative and strategic thinking from theory to practice, measuring input and output with enough room for applied imagination during strategic execution. As a matter of fact, tfq is the most potent solution for the knowledge economy.

This human and resource development model is ideal for application and appropriation in Human Capital development, business, education, leadership, and communication, Institutional and organizational management. With TFQ, you are sure to master the knowledge economy. #thefuturequadrant  #masterthefuture

In his conclusion “Victor insist that Nigeria and Africa and even the world is becoming difficult to live in, full of chaos and confusion, most of which are human centered.

For me all these challenging issues are just opportunities wearing work cloths. I am determined to create solution for most of these challenges.

For instance, at a recent World Economic Forum that held in South Africa, it was estimated that Africa needs close to 20 million skilled experts to achieve exponential growth. I intend to build and accelerated these number through our human Intelligence/ development models of which TFQ is one.”

TFQ was premiered on the 8th of Sept. 2017 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, West Africa.

Some testimonials from participants at the premier:



… I see TFQ as a viable solution to the world’s challenges we face today. As an Alumnus of the Micro-Reality Thinking Academy under the tutelage of the Dickson brothers, I can confidently say that until we demystify stereotypes, our success will only be a mirage. The MRT Academy that births this has raised the bar for everyone with a bigger picture of success to humanity.



It was a fascinating experience. A new paradigm, an absolute GAME CHANGER.


Mind blowing, impressive and revealing exploit. Kudos to the resource person, The sky is your limit! Thank you for your contribution to the Nation, Humanity and the World.


TFQ is an extraordinary invention. It will usher us into the New time window. It is a tool that will raise experts of the future who will influence and fix the ruins of the past. Started using it a few weeks ago. Its highly an exceptional tool.


Victor Prince Dickson is a graduate of the University of Jos, Theater and Communication Arts Department.



For more on The future Quadrant (TFQ) please, visit or Facebook/el-spice. You can also mail Dickson at

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