Healthy and long natural hair is the pride of any girl. You can make unique hairstyles and look good everyday. Nigerian natural hair styles are very different and stylish, as Nigerian women are considered the most exquisite fashionistas in the whole Africa. For the female part of the population, a hairstyle is not just an opportunity to regulate the state of hair, but also a way of expressing her own personality. From only one look at the haircut, you can learn a lot about the woman and the way she views life. There is a lot of interesting ways to style natural hair. But not every style can suit you. This is important to remember because creating a new masterpiece on your head is more about complementing your beauty. Let’s consider some different types. So you’ll easily choose the one you like.


One of the most popular natural hairstyles is braids of different thickness, with the addition of other decorative elements or without them. Hair is braided not only by young girls but also by adult women. The length of your braids depends on the length of your natural hair. This is a very comfortable style for natural hair and it does not take too long to make. With these, you don’t need to think about hair styling every morning as they look beautiful and don’t require special attention in terms of care. There are a number of types of natural hair weaving styles: Braids with a straight tip at the end. Ponytail – end with a long curled tip. Curly (wavy) braids. Senegalese braids that obtained by twisting two strands. French braids. Thai pigtails. Pigtails with large curls. Zizi that are obtained by interlacing existing pigtails. There is nothing special to think of in terms of care, except for keeping the natural hair braids neat and clean. Wash it not more often than once a week. Use a small amount of shampoo, which is applied directly to the scalp, avoiding excessive exposure to the braids themselves. After washing off the shampoo, your cornrows must be rinsed with a small amount of warm water and dried well. It’s better to avoid too much of cream if you’ll prefer these Nigerian hairstyles. It is very problematic to wash the substances off. To weave African braids at home, all you need are a few different types of comb including the wooden cutting comb.

Short natural hairstyles

Active and confident ladies choose short haircuts either because of necessity or because they just love it. These natural hair styles can be an excellent addition to your fashionable look at any age and with any complexion. All you need to do is to make the right choice. For a truly classic haircut, you can go with bob. It’s very provocative and innovative. Variations of these hairstyles are as unique and diverse as women in general. Short bob on straight hair with central or half parting is always popular. You can play around with the style to find what you need. You can also create a fringe with your bob although, this will take some styling. A short bob is traditionally designed to get to the level of the ears. For a truly straight and sleek bob, you can straighten your hair to achieve it.. The thicker your hair, the better it will look. This style also works well for people with very dark hair. These hairstyles are usually preferred by women who want to maintain a youthful, easy and fun look. Do you need to add extra volume? A short bob with a fringe gives the illusion of added volume. It emphasizes the thickness of the hair and elegance of your long neck. You can also cut it in a pixie style for a more exciting effect. Do you want to get a fashionable short haircut, but have thin hair? Then consider the wavy curled look. After making your usual bob, use a tonging iron to make the waves however you want it. The more diverse, the better. You want to go for that slightly messy hair effect. Keep tonging the hair until you get that perfect look. Once you’re done, it will give the impression that your hair is fuller. You can make changes to the style as often as you want. It’s pretty versatile and fun to rock. You can also focus your tonging iron on the tip of your hair for that shaggy hairdo and you will get the same longer, fuller effect. Short hair is very convenient especially when it comes to care. You would not have to devote too much time, every morning, to keep it neat. The wavy style is even better as you will notice that getting it a little rough during the night can give it that added uniqueness by morning. Have some fun with the parting. Some parting suit some women than others. Sometimes, your face shape and forehead size will determine the right parting for you. It’s believed that women with longer forehead might want to try the side parting. The shape of the hairstyle is determined by the curls, but this season complex volume is popular. A short hairstyle will suit both a working woman and a fun-loving girl who has an active lifestyle. You can also rock the look at any age. If you’re unsure how to work this look best, then visit a professional stylist so they can create a masterpiece with your natural hair.

Bright colors

We have already talked about the fact that your short hair can be braided or cut. You can also change its color. You are no longer stuck with your dark hair for every style. Depending on your mood, you can dye your hair pink, turquoise, emerald or even bright blue? Changing your hair colour can be stylish and brave. You can show your unique personality in a fun way. You can even colour it to complement an outfit on a truly special occasion. The possibility are endless so enjoy yourself. Many women (and sometimes even men!) would like to change the color of their hair to an extraordinary one. But sometimes they are worried because of: What people will say about them Fear of the health of the hair, because they have to be subjected to a multitude of chemical procedures. The fear of choosing the wrong colour and looking like a clown instead of the soft brightness they wanted. Therefore, the first thing that you will have to think about is: are you ready to radically change the look of the “ordinary” girl to a vivid and provocative image of the fashionista? If you really are, choose the color you like and enjoy it! To protect your hair, not only should you choose the right colour but also make sure you choose a quality dye. Fake dyes can ruin your hair in the long run. Do not go cheap and get something you will regret. To achieve the desired result, it is better to test the colour. Start by applying it on a few strands of hair, mark the time needed to achieve the desired shade and observe how long the colour will last including what changes will occur to it with the passage of time. As you can see, your choice of hairstyle is diverse. Do some experiments, be beautiful, and fashionable! Your new look will become truly captivating and appealing.

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