‘The decision to tell Nigerians the state of his health lies solely on President Buhari. If he chooses to do so it’s a choice. It is disrespectful and very intrusive, we are intruding into his private rights. he has rights too as a citizen of Nigeria. Anybody can get sick at anytime’.

These are the words of Lauretta Onochie, President Buhari’s media aide in an interview with Channels TVtoday and Nigerians are dragging the heck out of her for this statement.

Grandma Lauretta Onochie is passionate about bad governance with her statement tonight. Wish I can get her from my TV. Very pathetic.

Lauretta Onochie pour insult on injury this evening on politics today channels TV.

Lauretta Onochie is a disgusting human.

Apparently, Lauretta Onochie has been doing a terrible job advising PMB. She can’t even lie w/o stammering! pic.twitter.com/MsxeNOKpQC

Lauretta Onochie is under the influence of political money.

Pardon her. 😂

It’s very disrespectful for anyone to ask for Buhari’s health status because Mr President is a private citizen now. Lauretta Onochie.
Smh 😂

Mama Lauretta Onochie shouldn’t be speaking on behalf of the presidency, she is all shades of embarrassment.

Who ever recommended this Lauretta Onochie must be probed…

Buhari can choose to declare his health status whether he likes or not — Lauretta ONochie

This woman is really high. ontop taxpayers Money

How ended up with people like Lauretta Onochie as spokesperson for the office of the president of Nigeria beats my imagination https://twitter.com/afrispheric/status/894642584081006593 

Lauretta Onochie is one of the reasons Nigeria is stuck!
When did knowing our President’s health-status become a crime?

This woman, Lauretta Onochie, does she not have shame?

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